DEUS 08162014

This is the coolest shop, I am here. Having fun with  my day off at this place.

This is the recommendation from my coworker, and I am here.

It is right on Lincoln and Washington, off Venice. They have a parking lot to the back.

Latte is $3.50 with tax.

They have long tables that we can sit, study, and be relax. They have the shop for clothes, accessories, bikes and surf stuff.

To be honest, this is not my favorite latte. But, I can say this is beautiful place to stay. I can come back.

First, the barista forgot about my order I was checking twice but still not there. After I told him about the order, I was working with my laptop, and kinda forgot about that. He just let my coffee next to the counter, and left there for a while.  (WHY YOU DIDNT TELL ME COFFEE WAS READY :[ )

Okay, anyways, Latte art was cute, beautifully done.

Aroma leaves on my mouth. I mean on my upside of my mouth, Not on tongue. interesting.

A bitter but not strong. I mean the aroma leaves on my mouth, but I do not feel this is strong. Just leave there all the time. I am not enjoying much. If I like the coffee, literary I can finish one in 3 mins. I am a fast drinker. However, I still have some even I am staying here like 2 hours. This is insane because I love to drink.


Well, I will come back again here, because ilike the interior and being here.

may be I will try chai latte. photo 4



Andante Coffee Roasters 08062014

Actually kinda fade, I was so bad, I had to post on that day.

So Andante Coffee Roasters, I think the latte was $4.75 or $4.50. God damn it, I am so bad!!

Anyways, what I remember is, this was totally different from Coffee Commissary. Not creamy like them, not sweet like them, But I woke up after my first sip. I said “Oo!”

Taste was strong to come on my tongue straight. I think they did not cow’s milk. Maybe soy, rice or almond.

Oh! and I remembered the place is so cool. Wooden tables, nice antique stuff. Nice interior.

I wish I could stay there longer, but I got go work. So, if I have chance, I wish go there and post the blog in the shop and not gonna forget the taste lol


photo 2

G&B 08102014

It is located in grand central market in DTLA.

I ordered Iced coffee because the day was so hot. $4.75

Lot of people are in front of the bar, don’t know where is the line.

The aroma is strong. Bitter. I mean it is not coming instantly, but you can feel the taste for a while after you sip the drink.

My friend ordered sweet latte, it was pretty good, too. She said “not too sweet”, so might be it will sweeter than this

For the reference, I think I have to stick with hot latte. I cannot tell the milk this time. So, well will try hot one!

Yoko Maegawa

coffee commissary 0805214

I want to log my experience in some coffee shops, and mostly latte. And if someone watch this site,
Hope it helps.

Well, let’s start with yesterday’s. And will give you other shops as well.

Coffee Commissary

It is on Fairfax, right above Melrose ave.

I like their interior, as I put “dream”, I want to make my kitchen like that.

Latte is $3.75. And I wait almost 5minutes to serve.

Taste is so mild, Milky and sweet.
I liked the first sip. Not that strong, but has the alma to the end. Well, still the sweetness of milk won the game though.

I absolutely visit there again.
I just loved this place.

And I just felt the morning latte is the best. Wake up early, go get coffee, the first sip is amazing.

Yoko Maegawa


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